Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunrise Over Lake Kobialka

It's that time of year when watering systems need adjusted. I'm finding that I have a few crunchy yellow patches in the center of my green lawn, a sign to me that it has warmed up enough to start watering longer. Knowing that we are having a shindig in that green and yellow area on Saturday, I fertilized the lawn Monday morning and gave it long soaking waters twice a day Monday and Tuesday to activate the fertilizer. So, knowing that my lawn had received plenty of water for the week, I turned off the watering system, ALL THE WAY OFF, so that it would dry out enough to mow on Thursday.

Now, me being the gardener, Shane doesn't usually take much interest in the lawn and garden. It falls under the "Trish Responsibilities" category.

Yesterday I worked hard all day trying to make a dent in my household chores for Saturday's barbecue. Before I left, Shane, knowing I was stressed (not about the BBQ, by the way. I'm looking forward to that!), asked what he needed to do. His assignments:
1. Don't let the house get messier than when I left,
2. help it get cleaner,
3. and take the kids to the Art Walk at the school.
I also informed him that Mike The Pool Guy would be stopping by.

Meanwhile I went food shopping for the BBQ. I hit Food City, El Herradero Carniceria, Wal-Mart, Costco, Lowe's, and another little Mexican market whose name escapes me. I could barely walk yesterday, for reasons I don't care to disclose, and pushing carts had just nearly killed me. I was so glad that all of my BBQ shopping was done and I was ready to return to my clean home, my tucked-in children, and maybe a nice relaxing game of Ticket to Ride with Shane.

I roll into the driveway and walked (excruciatingly painfully) into the house to get assistance. Shane's watching the Suns. "Are the kids in bed?" "No." Meeka is sitting at the kitchen table eating a peanut butter sandwich. Well, I'm not gonna stress about it. I've got enough other stress going on right now. Better hit the Loo.

"Shane!! Did you know the toilet has overflowed and that it has been mopped up with bath towels that are still sitting on the floor and the plunger is still in the toilet?!" "Yes." Well, I'm not gonna stress about it. I've got enough other stress going on right now. I teased Shane (WHO WAS WATCHING THE SUNS) and said, "Who was the adult in charge around here while I was gone?!" His answer: "Mike." (The Pool Guy, remember?) "Ahhhh, I see." Better get the kids in bed (it's almost an hour after bedtime).

"Kids! Bedtime!" Meeka is still chomping her 8PM dinner. I wonder what the big kids ate. No, I don't wonder. Well, I'm not gonna stress about it. I've got enough other stress going on right now.

"Shane, did the kids help you clean the house (like I assigned them) while I was gone?"
"Why not?"
"They were on a bike ride."
Okay, I can support that. "You went on a ride with them?"
"They went alone?"
"No. They went together."
"They went without an adult, wherever they wanted, unsupervised?"
"They were together."
"What were you doing?"
"Mowing the lawn."
I looked over at the big screen TV with the game on. Okay. I'm not gonna stress about it. I have enough other stress going on right now.

I crawled up the stairs (I almost couldn't walk at this point), leaving behind the bathroom overflow, the Suns game, and the groceries in the car. No one is in pajamas, the bedrooms aren't ready for bedtime, no teeth have been brushed. Mayzie is crying that they got to the school right after the Art Walk closed and so didn't get to show Dad the Art OR get ice cream sandwiches. "Shane, who was the adult in charge here while I was gone?" "Mike." Yeah, Shane is a real charmer. Okay. I'm not gonna stress about it. I have enough other stress going on right now. We proceeded with bedtime routine and finally got everyone tucked in.

We went downstairs, I passed by the bathroom overflow and headed straight for the couch. I just couldn't be on my feet another second. I fell asleep there while Shane finished the game. I woke to banging upstairs. The kids were outta bed. "Shane, can you check on them?" He went upstairs and while he was there the light bulb went on in my head that I hadn't refrigerated the groceries yet. I dragged my aching bones out of the couch and into the kitchen. Good thing I cleaned the fridge in the morning. There is no way 20 pounds of Carne Asada Ranchera and 15 pounds of chicken breasts and 28 hot dogs plus all of the veggies and fruits would have fit had I not.

This morning I woke early but didn't come downstairs until about 6 o'clock. I headed straight to the fridge to get some juice to drink down aspirin with (headsplitting headache).
I wrote this poem for y'all:

This morning I opened my fridge
and it smelled SO GOOD!
Like a Tres de Mayo BBQ

Don't worry. I'm not trying to make a living at it. Back to the story.

I headed to the backdoor to see if my fertilizing work from Monday was greening up the crunchy yellow patches yet. Whoa. I know I turned the water off yesterday. I KNOW IT! And even if I hadn't, there is no way that this could have happened overnight!
I HAVE A LAKE for a backyard!

Sunrise Over Lake Kobialka.

I ran upstairs and woke up my tired husband. I'm already on the defense. "Shane, I KNOW I turned the water off in the backyard..." He sat bolt upright in bed like the earth just shook. "Shane I know I turned it off, I know it! And the whole backyard is FLOODED! There has to be a water main break or something!" Shane, startled and shocked by the sudden awakening looked briefly like I just told him that aliens were cooking breakfast in the bathroom. Then wakefulness flooded him and he told me that he had forgotten to turn off the hose. Okay. I'm not gonna stress about this. I have enough other stress going on right now. I asked him, "Who was the adult in charge while I was gone yesterday?" "Mike."

I went downstairs and turned off the water, took these pictures and laughed a little.

Tributary to Lake Kobialka

After seeing where the hose was, I realized he was just trying to help me green up my crunchy yellow patches. He's so super, huh?

It's actually kinda pretty, eh?

Or maybe he just wanted to get some use out of his jetskis.

Then I went inside, grabbed the dog, took her to the front yard to go to the bathroom so that she wouldn't have to walk in the swamp (all I need is some moss-covered cypress, snappin' turtles and a gator or two and we'll be BBQing frog legs and water moccasin on Saturday instead of Carne Asada), and found that we had shared our water with the world. Who says there isn't water in Arizona?

Distributary of Lake Kobialka

Kobialka Creek runs all the way down our road, around the corner and into the retention basin at the school, where undoubtedly lies Kobialka Pond.

What to do, what to do. I went inside and... you guessed it! I cleaned up the nasty towels in the downstairs bathroom that had been forgotten due to my overwhelming exhaustion and touch of anxiety. Somehow Shane had forgotten them, too. I blame Mike. (Mike, we don't really blame you.)

The Culprit

Mayzie took this picture. And I wasn't going to use it against Shane, but I feel compelled to do so! Silly Goober!


Cassidy said...

Haha! Great Post! What a day it must have been! Your backyard is so beautiful despite being flooded. I love that last photo of Shane!

DEANNA said...


WishTrish said...

DeAnna~ We aren't cancelling. That's funny what Mayzie said! I never even mentioned the lake to her and I wasn't upset or anything... she must have totally come up with that on her own. Saturday isn't cancelled. I just thought the whole thing was funny and I just kept giving shane that sly little "I know what you did..." smile every time he blamed Mike. ;) If the water is still here Saturday, we'll just have everyone bring side dishes AND canoes! :)

Melanie said...

Trish, please let me know what I can do to help you get ready for Saturday.

WishTrish said...

Melanie~ Saturday isn't a big deal. I'm not stressed about it at all! My meat is marinating, I'm doing all of my cleaning on Friday, and the sun is working it's wonders on the lake. :) Just bring a side dish and your family!


Shanen said...

So all of this happened because you got your camera back and you wanted to take lots of pictures??? I am so sorry. You are a WAY better person that I. I would have blown a fuse!!! I KNOW you will not ASK for anything for Saturday, but if you need anything. We will be there!!!

hope said...

I can't believe all that happened. I love the "who was the adult while I was gone" question!! I need to use that next time. Although I have never come home to that scenario. I hope your BBQ is splendid!!
PS~ We are leaving for a Mormon/Oregon Trail Roadtrip at the end of June/beginning July to make it up to Oregon for Heath's wedding in Salem. We plan on stopping in Orem July 2-3 and then heading up to Oregon for a few days before we turn around and head back home, seeing more sites along the way. We will be camping a lot of it, bringing along our 8-man tent for each trail stop. If you are all around Utah/Oregon around the 4th of July, let me know!! Unfortunately a side trip to AZ will take us way off the beaten path.
Take care!! XOXO

WishTrish said...

Shanen~ You know that if it was serious I would call! But so far I can't think of anything!

Hope~ I wish, I wish, I could meet you in UT, but I am planning on being in Illinois over the 4th for a reunion. Don't know if that will happen for sure yet or not, though. But, maybe on your roadtrip to UT and my roadtrip to IL we might cross paths in say Amarillo or OK City for lunch! Wouldn't that be fun? When it gets closer we'll have to chat!

Sarita said...

Thanks for the great laugh! Your back yard does look beautiful even covered in water :-)

Kathy C said...

Way to roll with the punches! Hope the fiesta turned out well anyway! You play Ticket to Ride? We haven't found anyone else that has heard of that one yet. We should do a game night sometime!

WishTrish said...


We LOVE Ticket to Ride. You say, "game night", I say, "We're ready!"


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