Monday, July 20, 2009

Farewell, Ohio.

Day 7*Part 1
I need a timer. Honestly, save me.

Perhaps if I had a time limit on when to get these road trip posts up by, I'd be done. But, noooo, I am on day 7 of 23. I'll get there, folks; I am just as motivated as anyone to get them finished. I have so many NON-road trip items that I CAN'T WAIT to post, not to mention that I promised myself that I would announce what my big giveaway would be when I was half way done (day 13). (Don't forget to leave your brilliant expositions on all of my road trip posts to automatically be entered!) Hang in there. I haven't forgotten. And I have some recipes that I really want to share. Mmmm-yesss. Good ones!

So, LET'S DO THIS THING!!!! Here goes.

You probably didn't know that I'm a felon.

Or something like that.

But it's true.

I have been driving on expired temporary tags for nearly a year. *gasp!* (No, really... please gasp-- it allows me to think that you are surprised that I could be so eeeevil. Thank you. You really are good friends.)

It was not because I didn't try to get plates, however, and whenever it was remotely possible I would take a different car or ride my bike. You wouldn't believe the loops I've jumped through trying to get those plates. It's! This post isn't really about that, BUT, this naughty truth has been hanging over me since July of last year when my 3 week temps died.

Before my trip I had managed to beg my way into getting a 3 day permit from the Motor Vehicle Division. It doesn't sound like much, but if you knew what all we've done to try to get plates this year, you would be clapping for me right now. Really. I cried. It was that miraculous. Stop rolling your eyes-- I really did!

My temps expired on Day 5 (Weekend days don't count. Love that.), and I didn't feel like tempting fate. Luckily, Shane was able to use charm the MVD lady and abracadabra me some license plates. Innnnncredible. He overnighted them to Cincinnati and they arrived about lunch time on Day 7, exactly 4 days before the one-year anniversary of my buying Vanbi in that same city.
We already had the luggage packed into the car, and the water bottles filled. Unfortunately, the time had come to leave Grandma Mueller's house. We all agreed that we should eat lunch first, and Grandma knew a great little Italian pizzeria. And so, we followed her, and her beanie babies.
In a few minutes, we had come to

Although we were sad to be leaving, the kids were also excited to go out to

Nevan and Mayzie kid-trapped Grandma, while I served as a chair for Meeka the
We ordered a large pizza to share. Nevan couldn't stand the wait. He finally went bonkers.
Mayzie was not so lucky.
When with Grandma, the conversation never runs dry. She is a
And that's just the way we LOVE her!

We passed the time, laughing, telling stories, coloring, laughing, laughing, eating, laughing, chatting, laughing, you get the picture. We really LOVE being with Grandma. Grandma is fun. Grandma is great.
That said, we couldn't stay forever. We asked a waitress to take our picture, and we made our farewells.

Why is it so hard to leave Grandmothers? It is. It just always is.
And so we left Cincinnati,
but not without our
Sugar heals heavy hearts, or so I hear.


Karen Christner said...

where exactly does one procure a luigi cookie?

Heidi said...

Your grandmother IS beautiful. It looks as though it runs in the family.

Heidi Ann said...

I like your Grandma. I'd love to sit at her feet and her her stories!

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